- a Bridging the Watershed interactive lesson -
Introduction - Most plant identification guides are designed to help you find the name of a plant based on its flowers. This is really tough during much of the fall season when flowers have already bloomed and withered. We have created a key to help you identify plants based on their leaves instead! This activity will help you become comfortable with vocabulary needed to use a plant key in the field. You will also learn about common invasive plants found in national parks in and around the nation's capital. Have fun!

Directions - Look at the three habitats below. Each one can be found in one of the national parks in the Washington, D.C. area. Choose the habitat for the park you will visit

Woodland Edge Habitat Woodland Edge
National Parks:
Rock Creek Park
George Washington Mem.Parkway
C & O Canal National Park
Greenbelt Park
Fort Washington National

Continue - Identify plants in the woodland edge

Meadow Habitat Meadow
National Parks:
Rock Creek Park

Continue - Identify plants in the meadow

Lowland Forest Habitat Lowland Forest
National Parks:
Dyke Marsh
Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

Continue - Identify plants in the lowland forest

Invasive species Organisms that spread, encroach upon, and take over the habitat of native species.