Take Out the Trash

LandfillTrash can When you throw something away, where is "away"?

Away is an actual place.

Every time you throw something AWAY, it goes to a landfill or an incinerator. Up to 70% of that trash could be recycled, saving renewable and nonrenewable resources for the future. When there is no more space in a landfill, a new landfill has to be built.

Next If we have less trash, then it will take longer to fill up the landfill and we won't have to build a new one as quickly. We can do this by following the Four Rs!

Also known as a dump, it is a site for trash and garbage disposal in which the waste is buried. It is the oldest form of waste management.
A furnace or container for burning waste materials
Renewable Resources
Resources that can be replenished, such as trees and other plants. These resources are capable of being replaced by natural cycles or by humans.
Nonrenewable Resources
Resources that can be depleted, such as coal, oil, and minerals. These resources exist in limited quantities. Once we have used them, they are gone.